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Oil Change: Why It Is Important For Your Car

It’s important to remember that your car is made up of several moving parts. Each of these parts must stay properly lubricated to avoid any friction that could do serious damage to your vehicle’s engine. This is why the oil in your car is so important.

However, as time passes, the oil breaks down and becomes contaminated by debris, dirt, and dust from both your engine and your external surroundings. When this happens, the dirty oil stops doing the job it is supposed to do. Manufacturer recommended oil changes and replacing your filter as needed, can help keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly and efficiently.

You may be asking, “When should I bring my car in for an oil change?”

Most auto repair mechanics would suggest an oil change every 3,000 miles. For brand new vehicles, oil changes can be done at the 7,500-mile mark. If you want to extend the length between oil changes, you can opt for an upgraded synthetic oil. Before you do this, however, we recommend you check your car’s owner’s manual.

Some people ask us about doing their own oil changes. Performing your own oil change can be a big messy inconvenience. Trust the experts when it comes to your vehicles. At Red Rock Auto Repair, let us help you keep your car in good working order.

Our goal is to make auto repair services readily available and affordable. For this reason, we make oil changes hassle-free and inexpensive to our customers. We offer fast and dependable oil changes for your vehicle. Rest assured that our technicians are trained to quickly and efficiently change your oil while checking your vehicle for any potential safety issues to protect you from any danger

Reliable Oil Changes at Affordable Prices!

Most experts would agree that changing your car’s oil is easily one of the most important things any car owner can do to help extend the life of their vehicles.
Here are some of the benefits to getting regular oil changes:

Failure to get regular oil changes could result to any of the following issues:

All these dangers can be avoided by getting regular oil changes as part of your routine car maintenance. What’s more, having your car checked can enhance its efficiency, help extend its useful life, and improve roadworthiness and safety.

To learn more about this and other auto repair services that we offer, feel free to give us a call at (801) 487-9900 or just drive on over. Our friendly auto technicians will gladly answer any concerns or questions you might have.